Ruth Baldwin

My name is Ruth Baldwin and nothing about me is ordinary.

There’s that famous saying of “thinking out of the box” - well I don’t think out the box at all...

I stood on the box, flattened it into a plate and serve my own brand of awesome on it.

Problem solving is my passion which is why events have always been a passion of mine.

If I am not busy planning events to benefit orphanages or NPO’s you’ll find me doing something in the industry to keep busy. With over 16 years of experience in the entertainment industry, 2 years of radio presenting, 18 years of sales, 7 years of media and 10 years of event planning, you’ll find my passion of the industry is ever growing.

When I am not working you’ll find me at home being me very own DIY queen.

The saying Jack of all trades was invented for someone like me.

Need a 10 seater table? No problem, I’ll build it for you.

New skirt? No sweat, let me get my sewing machine.

Need an electrician? Give me a call…..

Unique event décor out of random objects? I’m on it!

I welcome challenges and look forward to making each and every event extraordinary!