Marlise Minnagen

My name is Marlise and I am an over thinker. 
I am a high maintenance, bundle of energy… I have a deep desire to always know and a need to understand. I ask difficult questions, I find the answers, I need to push all the time, to push boundaries and pressure is my middle name. 

My journey in tourism started 20 years ago on the back foot of an au-pairing stint in Germany. I landed a job as a receptionist at a small tour operator and kept that seat warm, with no ambitions to arrange tours, nurse people or book anything logistically. Life happened and 6 years later I started as tour consultant where I grew the company’s main German accounts into million Rand accounts. There was not much left for me to do, so onward I went into a Key Account Role, followed by stints in Marketing, Sales and Business Liaison. 

The bug for the industry had bitten and my love for Africa has just continued to grow over the years, with the need to constantly explore, learn, teach and the desire to understand EVERYTHING!! Putting together an itinerary or running an event from A and ending at Z is my ultimate thrill... to see guests faces when they experience something for the first time or walk into the open doors of an event is priceless! 

Relationships and negotiations are my strengths and over the years my charming personality has sealed many industry friendships and even more deals! I like to think of myself as a fixer and go-to person! You want it, I’ll make a way to get it done! 

Even in my family I hold the go-to banner, always planning parties, weddings and other events, as well as sorting lives out. Professionally I was known as the social butterfly, the social club lady, the one bringing people together, planning fun, making people smile! 

Events have always been in the background and now with my most recent move it has moved to the forefront... planning and activating events for big and small groups makes my blood pump. Each event feels like I’ve seen my child graduate (not that I’ve had the joy yet). 

I was not born to be normal... and that’s my a motto I pull into my events. I strive to give my clients anything but normal. They need to think and believe that it can’t get better than what they’ve experienced and finding better gives me a thrill. 

On a personal front, I am a boy mom, 3 boys ranging from teenager to pre-school. I love cooking, as well as socializing with family and friends. Music makes my heart beat and travel is my veins!