Mariëtte de Villiers

I am a person who works fast, efficiently and effectively.  I make things work better.  I think of solutions and I give advice.  I don’t take things personally and I hope people won’t take what I say personally.  What excites me is travel, successful execution, happy clients and a high quality home made scoop of ice cream   I don’t jump and down like most people when I get excited but I jump up and down inside where nobody can see me .  I am known as an operator and a giver of structure. 

Mariëtte’s passion for travel started in 1998 when she lived in Germany for 11 months.  She graduated from the North West University and immediately immersed herself in coordination of short courses.  From there she moved into MICE where she gained valuable international event experience, dealing with large scale events for both government as well as private sector.  Mariëtte’s adaptability and willingness to learn nudged her into school travel where she managed various school tours both international and local.  Her project management skills really came to the forefront when she became involved in the consulting arm of the University of Pretoria.  There she dealt with not only academic specialists but the clients that they consulted for.  Major international projects such as elephant research in Africa and chocolate tasting fall under her list of achievements.  Her talents lie in project management, crisis management and customer liaison.  She is calm in stressful situations and always find a better way of doing things.

- I stand at my desk and hardly sit down

- I almost run when walking

- I am always on time

- I can be firm and decisive and clients love it!

- I am a pain when it comes to document editing